Sunday, December 16, 2012

Some Benefits of Privacy Shelters and Cabanas

Whenever you are outdoor camping or at the beach and you need some privacy either as a call of nature or to have a shower, privacy shelters come in very handy. This type of shelter is a structure that gives you dignity, security and most importantly privacy whenever you are outdoors. Depending on design they can serve a wide range of functions; protection from the weather, provide changing rooms, keep out pests, provide shower rooms and also serve as a toilet in some situations.

There are several types available: simple screen shelters, shelters with a roof and shelters with both roof and door. The choice of a shelter largely depends on the intended functions. For clothe changing at the beach a simple screen shelter should be all you need, on the other hand, for camping in the woods you will need a privacy shelter with both a roof and door.

There are several brands out there available for various uses and at different prices. One of them is the Stansport cabana privacy shelter. It can be very embarrassing to be caught out in the woods having a long call; the Stansport cabana privacy shelter is very ideal under such situations. It is light weight and very portable making it easy to carry whenever you are going out camping. It can be packed into a small package and then assembled on site. However, the Stansport cabana shelter might not be suitable for showers as it cannot hold up water bags due to its light weight nature. Nonetheless, if your water does not need to be suspended then they can still be suitable for showers. This lightweight shelter makes a great changing room as well especially while at the beach. It beats changing in the car which can result in your car seats getting wet and sandy.

Deluxe privacy shelter/shower combo is also another popular privacy shelter. It is aptly suited for showers during long outdoor camping excursions. It comes with heavy duty taffeta walls and polyethylene floor. The walls ensure maximum privacy as the floors help keep your feet from the muddy waters. What makes deluxe privacy shelter/shower combo very ideal is the large size and materials used. The nylon roof top makes for better visibility while inside, the bottom edges are also fitted with drainage vents, wide zippered doors make it easy to move in and out of the shelter. The interior of the deluxe privacy shelter/shower combo also boasts of hanger for clothes and a wire mesh for holding toiletries. The chain corded steel frame is also rust proof.

Whenever you are going outdoors to camp it is important to carefully consider your camping shelter needs. The weather and the camping environments are key points to consider. You have to ensure that your camping shelter will be able to withstand the prevailing weather conditions; it is not advisable to carry a light weight Stansport cabana shelter in a very windy condition. In such situations the more sturdy deluxe privacy shelter/shower combo is very ideal. It is also very essential to consider other small aspects of privacy shelters that make them very convenient and comfortable to use: shelter height is important for obvious privacy reasons; a privacy shelter should be able to conceal your full height. It should also be easy to assemble and disassemble. Portability is very important especially when backpacking for a considerable distance.

There are some privacy shelters that come with more hi-tech gear or if they do not come as a package they can always be added to the shelter. Some deluxe privacy shelter/shower combo come with 5 gallon sun shower for a warm bath. Portable chemical toilets are also a very useful add on to a privacy shelter; they have molded seats just like the ones at home and with removable buckets that makes disposal easy and convenient. In general, there are quite a number of gadgets that can improve privacy shelters and make your outdoor stay more comfortable and fun. Properly constructed and assembled privacy shelters can make for a perfect outdoor vacation at the beach or campsite. It is also important to make sure that your privacy shelter has stake out rings, this will enable it to anchor firmly on the ground during windy conditions. If possible buy a privacy shelter that comes with a carrying case for easy portability.

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Drone - How It Is Going to Change Your Life

There have been so many different articles and editorials in the news lately about drones. Everyone is very concerned about what these new technological wonders are going to mean to society as we know it. I for one am a little surprised with all of the hoop-la. Drones have been around for years, before they were named drones by the military, we called them RC airplanes. Okay to be fair, they have been developed and improved over the years, but while the military was developing their spy drones or surveillance drones, hobbyists were developing their own drones.

There are many ways that hobbyists have transformed their RC airplanes into "drones" to be used for many different purposes. Three of the very best that I have seen are to hunt animals, to take pictures, and to treat insects on crops. All of these things are very productive and good uses of a RC airplane.

Hunters have discovered that they can equip an airplane with a scope and night goggles and other hunting gear that allows them to track wild animals. This is really handy when you are hunting wild boar, or trying to follow herds of animals so that you will know where to find them. The technology is quiet and while somewhat annoying like a mosquito it is nothing that would scare animals off or even make them cautious.

There are many professionals that have developed a camera that can be attached and used to further their work. For example Google has used this technology to map many areas for their Google Map program. It has also been used by surveyors, wildlife photographers, and to watch weather and geological events like tornadoes and volcanoes. I think these are good uses that can give us much valuable information, while keeping people safe and out of harm's way.

For a farmer having the ability to mount his sprayer of pesticide or insecticide onto a RC airplane and spray his fields is so much better. Being able to treat his fields much less expensively will help keep his costs down, which in turn is good for food prices. Also the benefit to the environment is good. Not having to have the plane using fuel and emitting pollution into the air is a win for the environment.

The world of drones is not perfect, but when you consider all of the great things that they could be used for it does have a lot of benefits. Think of all of those elderly patients who have a hard time getting out for their medications. Maybe someday we will see pharmacies delivering medications. What about fast food? Pizza, anyone?

RC airplane hobbyists have the ability and with a little work they could create some very helpful and fun "drones". However, as with anything else that is good it comes with an ability to be used for bad. Care must be taken, but let's not forget to look at all the good.